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    I had the best weekend in the world. Everything that happened was more than what I was expecting. On Friday Brendan and I went to Mohegan Sun for Matt’s birthday. We just hung out all night with everyone and it was so much fun. On Saturday morning we went to my cousin Sara’s wedding. Later on that day we went to worship band practice. I even got to go swimming!

    Sunday was the preview service for Catalyst Church, which is something that all of us have been working so hard on. Two of my friends from work came. I just love our church. It’s not the type of church that I am embarrassed of at all. It’s the type of church where I can even invite people I work with to come, and they aren’t going to think I am weird or lame or the stereotypical crazy Christian. After the service, all I heard were good things and people love what we are doing.

    After church, Brendan and I got ready for our 2 year anniversary! He got me the sweetest present ever. Plus, he got me 2 roses (for 2 years) and some chocolate truffles! I gave him a new bathing suit (LOL) and a giant gummy bear, among other things. Then we headed to New Haven where we went to the Peabody Museum. Afterwards we went to the Yale Art Gallery, which was free. Then we went to dinner at a place called Prime 16, which was fantastic. We ended the night by watching Inkheart (which I didn’t like really) and relaxing.

    All in all, it was the perfect day. I know that Brendan tried really hard to make it a really special day. I would have been happy just being able to spend the whole day with him, even if we didn’t go out for dinner or do any of the stuff we did. I just feel really great when I am with him. I can’t believe that it’s been 2 years. We can get through anything. Just hearing him say stuff like that made me really happy.



    3 Responses

    1. So cute and I love your dress & date ideas!

    2. that is awesome.love the pic of you two. ! ❤

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