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    july already

    I can’t believe it is July already! This weekend is 4th of July festivities, which is my favorite holiday. I am looking forward to next week so much! Next Friday is Matt Rouleau’s birthday stuff, Saturday is my cousin’s wedding, Sunday is our anniversary! Then Tuesday at night is Harry Potter!

    I just got my grades for my 2 summer classes. I got a B+ (so freakin close) in info processing and B in my Capstone! So happy it’s done. I am officially 4 classes away from graduating. I randomly got a $13.50 refund for a magazine I have never paid for. That got me gas when I was on empty. Crazy how things work like that.

    I have been reading Mark and I always feel like Jesus is way more aggressive in this Gospel. I love it though. Even though it’s summer, I feel surprisingly focused and dedicated to spending alone time with God each day.  I think I just feel good all around and I had such a fun past couple of days. Angela’s grad party and going to see the Chariot was great.

    Yesterday, Brendan surprised me with an awesome game for my PSP called Me and My Katamari. I am probably going to play it now while I wait for stuff to do at my internship. This is me and Rascal Flatts by the way…


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    1. oh those wax men again..haha! love it

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