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One thing I realized yesterday is that life is so tough. I have a really close friend crying on my porch because her family is torn up. Just listening to her talk about the most painful moments of her life kills me. There is no way to justify an affair and you can see the effects of another person’s sin in her life, though she had nothing to do with it. Then there is the most beautiful child I know. Whatever happened to her at a young age is going to affect her when she is older. I want so badly to help her and I love her so much. My family is torn a part and I feel a family crisis coming on soon. I want to tell my church family at some point, but I need to wait until more details come in.

I just see so many broken hearts and broken lives around me. I want these people to experience Jesus in their lives so bad that it moves me to tears. I had a broken life and so many rotten things happened to me, but Jesus healed every pain in my life and made me whole again. I know what it is like to lean on Him through rough times. I want them to be able to as well. And if it’s not the time yet then I hope that God can use me and help me to be a light in the darkness.


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  1. Randi this was amazing to read! I feel like you went in my head and wrote down all of my feelings. One thing that God has really been drilling in lately is that there is just so much brokenness in this world, that everyone needs to know Jesus, and that the way things are now are so far from how He meant them to be. It is so upsetting, but it can also be so inspiring. What we are doing as a church is the most important thing anybody will ever do! God is moving and this huge wave is about to break in Central CT and it is going to be amazing to see and make it happen!

  2. I agree with Sarette, and your church family is her for you when you need us. xo

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