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    I feel very overwhelmed with school right now. Today I finally caught up on my capstone homework and I spent 3 hours in the computer lab at school doing info processing homework. My first meeting for my internship was today. It was not what I expected and it is very unorganized. I have a lot of questions and I just feel like thrown into this. I need to give it a chance. I feel like I am spread too thin with my summer classes and work. I have no idea what I will actually be out at these events for the internship.

    I am on ChaCha right now trying to make some money. There aren’t even a lot of questions right now. I am $49 away from getting paid, as long as I finish up by June 15. Tonight my mom took me out for dinner to celebrate my internship. It was really nice and I had super good food. I feel like already summer is going by so fast. I want the weather to stay hot and nice so I can get tan and go to the beach. I’ve been reading John and it’s been enlightening so far.


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    1. Hey how did your first night go??

    2. ah it was very intimidating. i feel like i am not going to have a life soon.

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