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    Honestly, I can say that 2 weeks ago when I tithed for the first time in awhile, I have felt so much peace. I prayed every day that my measly little 10% will be blessed. I don’t make a lot of money at the moment, but I know that every amount counts. I took a leap of faith and tithed what I had, leaving me no money to pay my bills. I have felt so much peace, that I haven’t even worried about money at all since 2 weeks ago.

    Somehow it happened where I had enough to pay almost all of my credit card bill in full. Brendan got a paycheck that had a lot more money than we expected. I felt blessed through him because he was able to pay me back money, and actually have a couple of dollars to his name afterwards. Plus, I sold my books. Plus, I made some extra money doing ChaCha. Even in the midst of everything, I even got a $125 tattoo (and that didn’t even dig me in deeper). I always want to do do things for myself and I never can and this tattoo was for me! For the past like 5 months I have hardly been able to buy things for myself. I don’t regularly spend money on anything a week that I could cut back on. So I just did it.

    Anyways, today I got paid again. First thing I did was tithe and pray that God will bless it. Then I paid off my two credit cards and stashed away the rest. I have a car tax due in July that is usually about $176. I have my car insurance due in August that is $500. I don’t feel an ounce of worry.It’s unbelievable. The worry of money was constantly just there and one day I realized it was gone. God will take care of you if you just surrender to Him.


    2 Responses

    1. that is awesome you need to email that to Mike. 🙂
      So lets see a pic of the tat what did you get??

    2. haha i will show you in real life!

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