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    no more classes

    Yesterday was my last day of class. Today I slept in a little late, and looked out the window and it just seems gloomy. It seems that has spread to my mood. I feel like I am lacking lately. I don’t know if it’s my crazy girly hormones, or the weather, or how I tend to overanalyze every single situation. I just spent some time like I do every morning with God and I feel much better. I am on proverbs and I love the quick little sayings that so easily stick with me throughout my day.

    Today I have a party at work. Work already has gotten better. Yesterday at the meeting my managers assigned more work for me to do, which makes me think that they think I can handle it. So get this, 2 places called back (1 for an interview, 1 for a job), but I sadly declined. Is that saying no to God? I think it was an answered prayer. Well it was a prayer I wanted badly at one point, until I decided that I thought God was telling me to stick where I was and to trust him that my work situation would get better. So I felt very conflicted, but ultimately decided to stay where I am now.

    I am still waiting for something crazy to happen. I have asked God to bless my tithe everyday. I have 2 bills due in 5 days. I had a dream last night that Obama was attending a speech I was giving about how music has influenced my relationship with God and he asked me what a Christian was. WEIRD! I think I am going home tonight. There’s no point to be on campus with no one around and no classes to go to!


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    1. I’m reading a Proverb a day now, and I think I want to make it a habit to do it every day forever now, because I am amazed at how much growth can come just from that alone!

      God will totally come through. Just wait it’s going to be so good!

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