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So I guess I just need to make the best out of my job and I pray I will stop getting in trouble, and people there will have favor on me, and I will get a raise. It is probably better this way because as soon as summer starts, I have a 10-12:15 class Monday through Thursday. That already like destroys my availability. Plus, my internship starts June 1st and the job I have right now is so flexible, so maybe that’s a good thing. So I picked up a shift today to get more money and I am working this Saturday.

I got my biweekly paycheck (FINALLY) and I wrote out a check for my tithe. I am nervous because after my car payment I have $0. I haven’t had money since 2 weeks ago when I last got paid so that is $0 for a whole month. Plus I have 2 credit card payments due and no money so I guess let’s see how God will blessed me!

I hate money. When Brendan lost his job it was really really hard. Sometimes all I want is to buy something for myself. I really haven’t bought anything for myself in months that isn’t like groceries. My entire paycheck goes to my bills. Like I want to get my hair cut and I need it desperately.  I want to get my nails done. I want to be able to drive by a Starbucks on a whim pull in and get a decaf Americano. I know I have been spending my money wisely  because last week Brendan and I decided not to go to Boston and Worcester.  But good news is that I am $40 away from getting paid by ChaCha. I have until May 15th!


4 Responses

  1. Good for you! God will hold true on his promises, He always does! Can’t wait to hear how he’s going to take care of you!

  2. Hope this works out for you. I know losing that job sucked but something better is around the corner. If God doesn’t come through in the way you think ( him paying for all your bills ) he will in another way, just something different than you thought. When I didn’t have enough money to pay my car insurance, he didn’t DIRECTLY come through and say “here’s a $175 check in the mail from a random person” but he pushed the car payment date a few days back, just enough to get my check to pay it… Praying for you. Stay strong, I’d love to stop by a starbucks on a whim but can’t…. Helps build control and learn to take money for granted.

  3. You already know the answer, and thats press into him. When one door closes, open another one. Matthew 6. You know.

  4. nice post, yes when one door closes another opens…totally believe that!

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