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    Chapter 12- Breaking Controlling Powers

    Part 3 – Breaking the Pattern for the Future
    Chapter 12
    It is not God’s will for us to be controlled by anyone except His Holy Spirit
    We have been purchased with the blood of Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:20)
    The Enabler
    When we fail to confront people who are controlling us, we enable them to stay the way they are
    Jesus was moved with compassion instead of enabling people to stay the way they are (Matthew 9:36)
    The most vital thing for any Christian is a prompt obedience to God
    Make Your Own Decisions
    Being controlled and manipulated steals your peace and joy
    What About Submission to Authority?
    Submit to authority, but do not be controlled
    Unjust things happen in this life but our just God will make wrong things right
    Discerning when to endue and when to confront is the key to success
    Negative Authority
    Work, church, home, husbands and wives
    Characteristics of Control
    There are 2 types of control : emotional control and verbal control
    If you are being controlled, learn to recognize these methods being used against you
    If you are the controller, ask God to help you recognize when you are doing it
    Gaining Freedom From Control
    1. Recognize
    2. Act
    3. Understand
    4. Confront
    5. Pray
    A Word to Controllers
    It is possible to be both a controller and someone being controlled
     We can encourage people to do the right thing, but we shouldn’t manipulate them to get our way
    5 Things to Do If You Are a Controller
    1. Admit to yourself
    2. Ask God for forgiveness
    3. Ask others for forgiveness
    4. Encourage honesty
    5. Don’t give up
    Don’t Overcorrect Your Problem
    Trying to control everyone and everything is stressful
    “People have a right to make their own choices and I should respect them
    Pray often, use wisdom, and be patient
     Strive to be in balance


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