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    Chapter 10 – Pressing Past a People-Pleaser Attitude

    Chapter 10
    We are to be God-pleasers, not self-pleasers or people-pleasers
    Pleasing people is good, but it is not good to become people-pleasers
    Check Your Motives
    God wants you to be motivated by love
    Unless we do what we do for right reasons, we lose our reward
    We must do things for the will of God, not to please men
    It’s our responsibility to stand up to people who try to control us
    Go With God
    Follow God, not people!
    We have the freedom to follow the Holy Spirit
    Don’t let anyone steal what Jesus died to give you
    You Have Legitimate Needs For Yourself
    People-pleasers regularly set aside their own legitimate needs
    People-pleasers don’t value themselves, so they don’t think others do either
    We all have needs, especially emotional needs (love, acceptance, etc)
    God Wants You to Enjoy Yourself
    “I came so that you have and enjoy your life” (John 10:10)
    As Christians, we are called to help others, but it’s not wrong to do things you enjoy
    Learn to receive from God, people, and yourself
    “I Feel Bad When I Don’t Please People”
    A spiritually mature person learns to deal with people being disappointed, and keeps a good attitude
    Beware of developing a false sense of responsibility
    Living With Limits
    People-pleasers feel guilty, selfish, and indulgent when they actually take a moment for themselves
    People-pleasers push beyond the bounds of reason if they think everyone will be happy with them
    Establish Boundaries
    Establish limits and margins to protect yourself from being used and abused
    Enforce your guidelines even if you end up losing friends
    Delegate or Fall Apart
    God has created us to be interdependent on one another
    Let as many people you as possible
    Learn to delegate
    “I Feel I Should Be Able To Do More”
    We are all different and have different limits
    Work with the Holy Spirit to achieve a balance
    Don’t pressure yourself to perform exactly the way others do
    Dishonesty Is A Symptom if People-Pleasing
    Approval addicts often tell lies because they fear people won’t accept the truth
    Be bold enough to speak the truth and save yourself a lot of trouble


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