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Chapter 9 – Pressing Past Anger and Unforgiveness

Chapter 9
How we process our anger is most important
Don’t let the sun go down on your anger (Ephesians 4:26)
When we stay angry, we give the devil a foothold into our lives
Staying angry and harboring unkind feelings towards others is disobedient 
“It Isn’t Fair”
God will make everything right that is wrong if we will only trust him (Isaiah 61:7-8)
When we stay angry, God will not work on our behalf
Seeking Compensation
Vengeance is clearly His and He will give double the blessings for our former trouble (Romans 12:17-19)
Let go and let God be God
Stress from trying to collect compensation for past hurts instead of forgiving and trusting God to pay us back
Stop Wearing Things That Don’t Fit
We must put on love and clothes ourselves as representatives of God (Colossians 3:12)
We are created to receive and give love
A refusal to forgive our enemies drives a wedge between you and God
Who is Your Real Enemy?
Our warfare is with the devil, not with people (Ephesians 6:12)
To get back at Satan, aggressively be good to everyone, including our enemies
Keep the Strife Out
The ability to forgive requires an attitude of humanity
We are to live in peace; Jesus called Himself the Prince of Peace
Resist the temptation to let anger root in your heart
When you allow yourself to remain angry, you poison your own system
Four Steps to Victory
1. Forgive those who have hurt us (I listed 5 people)
2. Pray for them as God has told us to
3. Ask God to bless our enemies
4. Wait; don’t give up
Learning A New Response
We must choose to press past the pain of anger
 Responding to offense with forgiveness is a new way!


4 Responses

  1. So I’ll admit there are so many of these posts I’ve been skimming over them, and I know you’re just doing this for you, so it’s okay. But, this one I had to stop and read, because I deal with anger and unforgiveness all too often. I loved (really loved!) everything you wrote down, especially the part about being aggressively nice to everyone to get back at Satan! That is so true! Every time I get angry at somebody, I know that it makes the enemy happy, and I know that to forgive would upset him! I know for me, that is the main reason I forgive people. That, and the fact that it makes me feel so bad! It’s also important to know that anger itself is not a sin… It’s what anger leads us to do that is!

    Anyway, thank you for posting these! This one really helped me! And, I’m praying for your growth as you go through the book!

  2. yes!! i stay angry for awhile too. i find myself still upset about things that have happened even years ago. it totally freaked me out that harboring anger is giving the enemy a foothold into my life! seriously this book has opened my eyes so much. i do a lot of this stuff, i just always thought that was how i was wired. but i know now that i can change these bad habits and so far i think i am doing a pretty great job!

  3. Morning

    I feel truly blessed to have stumbled across this post.
    And it’s true unforgiveness harbors resentment and if we cannot forgive without removing the bitterness it will remain there like a fungus, clinging to our spirits. I can’t seem to find the name of this book, must be blonde right now. I read Chapter 9 now and it’s amazing how God speaks to us differently and we need to obey in order to move forward. I just started reading ‘It’s your Time’ from JOEL OSTEEN. It is a must read. God Bless and continue doing His work. Leonie

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