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    Chapter 8 – Pressing Past Guilt and Shame

    This one chapter summarizes my whole life. This is my thing: if I can try really really hard not to mess up or screw up, then I can avoid the guilt and shame that comes a long with it. So in reality, I am trying very hard to be perfect, and when I do fail, it is 100 times worse because the guilt just won’t leave for a long time. It is hard feeling guilty and ashamed everyday. I can always find something to feel bad about. But I am done with that!

    Chapter 8
    Merely knowing what to do does no good if we don’t do it!
    People are much more impressed by our actions than by our words
    Feeling unwanted and unqualified can lead to guilt and shame
    Shame and Blame
    If people have a shame-based nature (which I do), the result is they are doomed to punishment
    The Blame Game
    Blaming others for our own unhappiness only helps us avoid dealing with the real problem
    God’s Word says we are to overcome evil with good
    Blaming others is a sick game the devil plays with our thoughts and emotions
    Shame and Depression
    It is impossible for anyone to feel happy if he doesn’t like who he is or is ashamed of himself
    Only the medicine of God’s Word can heal a depressed person
    Don’t just study the Word of God, do it! (James 1:22)
    Addicted to Guilt
    Guilt addicts just don’t feel right if they don’t feel wrong
    Satan is trying to make us guilty and condemned, not God
    People who are in a relationship with approval addicts feel manipulated
    Be humble enough to receive correction, but confident enough not to let the opinions of others control us
    Excessive Introspection 
    Reverse self-centeredness: shame-based people think about themselves most of the time
    The Bible says to examine ourselves, but we can become excessive (1 Corinthians 11:20)
    Stop looking at what’s wrong with you and start looking at what is right with Jesus
    “But I Feel Guilty”
    Satan works through feelings to deceive Christians
    Learn to act on God’s Word, not react to old memories
    Compare your feelings to God’s Word and exalt his Word above all


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