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    Chapter Six – Overcoming Approval Addiction

    Part II – Addressing Our Addictions
    Chapter 6
    An addiction is something people feel compelled to do to relieve pressure or discomfort
    “I will not let anything control me”
    Addicted to Reasoning
    People can’t feel comfortable unless things in life are figured out
    People who worry excessively clearly show they trust themselves and not God
    The Need For Approval
    There are 2 ways we can live
    1.) Through works of the flesh – take care of ourselves and struggle to make things happen our way
    2.) Through faith – live supernaturally and do it God’s way
    Supernatural Favor
    No matter how hard we try, we can’t please all of the people all the time
    God will give us favor with people if we ask him and put our trust in Him
    God can and will open the right doors for you 
    We Can’t Please All the People All The Time
    The need to be popular will steal our identity
    Jesus made Himself of no reputation; it only mattered to Him that God approved of Him
    You do not have because you do not ask (James 4:2)
    Start asking for favor regularly
    Boundaries and Balance and Burnout
    Normal Christian life should have boundaries of balanced living
    Even Jesus rested and took time away from the crowds for renewal
    You can buy friends by letting them control you, but you will have to keep them the same you obtained them
    Insecurity and Approval Addiction
    God wants us to be free to be ourselves and to feel accepted
    Maintaing healthy relationships occasionally requires confrontation
    Breaking any addiction will provide suffering, but it leads to victory


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