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Ever since this school year started, I feel like I don’t have a life outside of school. I am working really hard and I am almost there. Right now I am taking 5 courses, all which are marketing. I actually really like it, and I thought being a senior would make my classes harder, but it’s not really as bad. I just find myself doing homework for hours at a time, but I am getting all As and Bs on everything. I am starting an online course at Charter Oak again on March 16, a political science course. It’s my last elective ever!!! I kept putting off taking another general education class until the last minute so now is the time to just get it over with. I want my last semester in college to be the best it can be.

I guess I just feel like I have no idea what I will be doing. I am graduating in 9 months. I can’t decide what I want to do this summer. I didn’t hear back from any internships for awhile, and then yesterday in class, someone from Clear Channel called and I have an interview in 2 weeks. It is a lot of work to get an internship for credit. 150 hours, all this signatures, a site supervisor sponsor, plus a faculty coach and a daily learning journal. So if I get this, then this summer will be 150 hours doing an unpaid internship, plus work, plus at least 2 summer classes (which they aren’t even online this time!).

But all I think is what if I get this internship? Then what if I got a job with the company when I graduate? I would love very much not to leave CT when I graduate, but all the good music jobs are out of this state. I need a new job in general. I like working on campus, but I don’t really like where I work. I feel like I am like dying inside my dorm just being in here all the time. My brother is coming home for awhile to work in the Pearl Street office in Hartford, which is awesome. Even though I feel like all of that stuff in my life is FINALLY coming together, I still feel super discouraged and I don’t know how to stop feeling so negative. But tomorrow me and my best friend that I grew up with are going to get our nails done and I am so needing the relaxation and TLC.


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