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    my birthday/valentine’s day

    My 21st birthday was great. It started on Thursday when my mom took me out to Hop’s for birthday dinner. Then on Friday Brendan, Angela, Matt, and I went to the Clinton outlets and I got a new pink scarf and new jeans because my old ones are ripping. We just hung out for the rest of the day and then at midnight Brendan, Ryan, Jenna, and I went out because I was officially 21!

    The next day, my actual birthday, Brendan came over and brought me the prettiest roses. They are on my desk right now and make my room smell very nice. He also got me a gift card to get a massage at Parisian in Cromwell! Seriously, what a thoughtful present! He also got me a card for the first time and it has the sweetest message inside! I gave him his Valentine’s day presents which was an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard and a handmade wallet from Etsy. We went to eat at Bertucci’s and it is so good there! Then we saw Coraline in 3D! Later on we got a GPS from Target and hung out at Matt’s house. It was such a good day! I was glad to spend my birthday with the nicest most sweetest Valentine any girl could ask for!



    3 Responses

    1. aww what an awesome celebration … one to remember for sure!

    2. yeah it was great!

    3. I’m glad you guys had fun! How was Coraline? I still have go to see that!

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