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    end of the semester

    For some reason the end of the semester has not been stressful at all. All of my final projects are out of the way. Also, 3 finals are not comprehensive and I am exempt from one. Two of my finals I am taking before final week even starts. The two days of final week that I will be here I am working at 1pm each day. I am done next Thursday and it wasn’t even that bad! I am really hoping I will be able to skip my last class ever because it is Brendan’s birthday and I want to see him ASAP on that day.

    So I applied for this internship program that will place me in a music industry internship in NYC. It’s from May 24th to July 18th and I will be staying at NYU in a 2 bedroom apartment. I will be doing a 40 hour week, most likely not getting paid. They pay for me to take the subway to work. They plan weekend activites like a Broadway show and a Yankees game. I really want to do it. Except I get homesick if I leave for a weekend. It is over $8,000 to do the internship since they take care of everything. I am not worried about it because I can get financial aid through CCSU. I can’t help but wonder how on earth I will pay my bills for those two months. I think of all the stuff I will miss with Cinema Church as we get ready for our launch.

    I wonder where God wants me to be this summer. Though I would be gone for two months, I would come back for the rest of the summer, which is over a month. But I am super passionate about music and I feel God tugging on my heart whenever I talk about it or think about it. Whenever I read about an intership that’s listed, it is exactly what I want to do with my life! And I don’t even know if I got accepted or not either!


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