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    trunk or treat 2008

    I had the best time ever on Friday when Cinema Church did Trunk or Treat. It was a great way to spend Halloween. All the cars were decorated so well and everyone’s costumes were awesome. I loved handing out hot chocolate and chili to the neighborhood with Jo. I loved seeing how surprised they were when they realized we weren’t charging anything. I heard countless times that people have never seen anything like this! I just know that when we launch, people are going to say the same thing about our church services! It just feels really good to be a part of something so awesome. Well I am at work. I am going to send a letter to my brother, along with some clippings about the elections from the New York Times. and LOLCats Then I will sneak away from the office to get some coffee. Today is a good day.


    4 Responses

    1. Good to hear positive things 🙂

    2. Wait, where is your brother that you need to send him LOLCats? Haha.

    3. haha he is in boot camp for the USMC. but on 12/17 i am going to his graduation and i am bringing him back home!

    4. had fun with you in the “tent” … good time… good pictures. ha!

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