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it is getting colder

It’s a Saturday and I just finished my homework. I slacked off a bit this week, but I think I needed it. I had work early this morning and I will for the next few weeks, but I feel better about school. My online course starts on Monday and I don’t even have the book yet! I also moved into a new room! I am on the 6th floor now, gah, and I share a quad with my RA. I haven’t met my new roommate yet, but she seems really nice and I hope she likes me. I think I am making a new friend here at school too. Baby steps! I love feeling like I have even the slightest feeling like I am doing what God wants me to do. I love late night talks with my amazing boyfriend. I love sitting in his car and talking about life. I am glad I have someone who supports me and who knows me so well! I am glad I have someone who can knock some sense into me when I need it the most! I am glad I have someone who makes me want to be a better person every single day.


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