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It’s the first day of October and it is not crisp and brisk out as it should be. Instead it poured while I was at work. Now it’s muggy, but the sun is shining. Fasting is over, it was quite the challenge. Cinema Church has some sick plans for Halloween and it looks awesome. Next week everyone from church is going to the Catalyst Conference and I really wish I could go. This weekend is the Berlin Fair, Death Cab, and the Apple Harvest.  My brother left for boot camp almost 2 weeks ago and we still haven’t heard from him. I am almost done with Romans, and I think I will head back to Jeremiah, where I left off awhile ago. I think I have an A in 3 out of 5 classes. I have two exams today and I just can’t wait for them to be over. I still haven’t made a single friend here and I still eat every meal alone. LOLOLOL. I guess I will keep trying though.


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  1. Oh no you eat lunch alone… I will pray for someone to come sit with you 🙂
    You sure have a lot going on,, and still keepin it all together and getting good grades.Good for you. See youat church.

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