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    So yesterday I thought it was super dumb of me to be so upset. Like my biggest problem yesterday was that I didn’t know if I should do an internship or not, like my world was going to end. I just feel really selfish sometimes. There are people everywhere with way worse problems. I should feel blessed that I can mostly hold my own and I usually perservere. There are people close to me struggling with way more than a little extra stress. I want to be in the right mind to help them and to not be distracted by little things. Like thank God for Jamie my hairdresser. She is a Christain and we talk about the church plant and she has really great ideas. I look forward to her doing my hair because we can fellowship while she’s making me look nice. And I thank God for this amazing guy I know who helps me stay grounded when I need it the most. Brendan told me some tough stuff yesterday like “Randi, you’re not perfect.” Ha! I could be insulted by that statement but it probably made me want to shape up and stop feeling like I had to be all the time. Ah so with all this crazy stuff happening I just feel closer to God and more of the person He wants me to be so I can do all this awesome stuff I know He wants me to do.


    2 Responses

    1. aw, randi. you’re awesome… i wish i could realize things like that. i hope your school stuff got all figured out and all is well!!

    2. you should realize that stuff because YOU are awesome

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