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    quiet time

    It can be difficult finding quiet time here at college. It’s always been that way. I have a roommate, I have a lot of background noise, I have classes and lots of homework. But I make it a point to every morning to just get into God’s word. How do I expect to go on with my day with all these distractions if I can’t just clear my mind and get things off my chest with my savior? Well this morning I ran around doing last minute things like printing out a paper. I ran to get breakfast and off to class I went. In accounting, I realized how badly I wanted to read my Bible and how I completely ran out of my room without doing it. I loved how much I was anticipating getting back to my dorm to read in the 15 minutes that I have to do it. I am loving Romans. In my book opener, it said this book was for people who try very hard to be perfect, which I admit is what I do. It’s hard to put up with, I know, just ask the people who know me very well…So my goal throughout this book is to let go of these high standards I think I should reach and just give God total control!


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    1. Aw nice! That is something I’ve been really praying about while fasting… That I would crave and anticipate time with God the same way I crave and anticipate food. (Which is a lot! Lol.)

    2. I love anticipating my time with Christ…sounds like you are doing so well!

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