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I just finished Hebrews. Chapter 12 was my absolute favorite. It was about how God loves us so much and sometimes He disciplines us, but it is for our best! God always works in the craziest ways, and if it doesn’t make sense that it is happening now, we can be sure that in the future we will look back and know it happened for a reason. I am doing to start Romans tomorrow. I have a lot to look forward to. Fasting is going great I think. Today I am constantly on my toes and reminding myself what I am fasting from. School is just really hard, but I know it will get better. Tomorrow Brendan and I are going to the aquarium…finally! It’s going to be good times.


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  1. haven’t visited you in a bit… love to hear how you are still reading the books… Hebrews sounds like one I need to revisit soon. How was the aquarium?? the one in Boston?

  2. hebrews was really good and nice to revisit. we went to mystic. i want to go to the boston one next. i will post pictures if i can ever get around to it!!

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