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    This month Mike challenged us to fast so that we can grow closer to God. I decided to fast from meat on Fridays this month. Today is Friday and I went to the pool and the gym on campus. I was starving when I got out and I decided to have a sandwich for lunch. I almost forgot as the guy was just about to put turkey on my sandwich. I was like NO!! I guess I will have to have tuna instead. Yuck. But it is okay because it is such a challenge and makes me think about God more often throughout my day.

    School this week was awesome. I love my professors and my classes. I am making friends and my roommate is really nice! Today I have a lot of homework but it is so darn nice outside. I am happy that even though I have a roommate and it’s been hectic this week, I have found quiet time with God every day so far. I am back into Hebrews and I think afterwards I will read Romans!


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