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acts 20

Today we were all supposed to go the beach, but it’s pretty yucky out. Well at least we were able to hit up 6 flags yesterday. We spent a lot of time in the water park. I have exactly two weeks left of summer. I hate how August goes by so fast.

My verse: Acts 20:37. What grieved them most was his statement that they would never see his face again.

My reflection: Paul had spoken to the crowd of people and comforted and encouraged them. He knew that he would soon die for Christ, but it didn’t seem to scare him. It motivated him. The crowd was upset that they would never see him again, but he just pressed on towards the goal.

My prayer: Lord help me to be as fearless as Paul. He lived his life for you and desired to live like you. Thank you for having such an inspirational word to start my day off!


5 Responses

  1. Yeah that is a crazy verse, it hit me too!
    I LOVE six flags! It’s so much fun, glad you got to go before classes start again, if you ever need someone to go with you again, call me, I’d do it anytime!

    Hope you have a great day at the beach today…pray the rain away:)

  2. yeah it was a lot of fun. sooo many people though. when we went for the retreat that was the best time to go because there weren’t a lot of people there at all!

  3. Oh yeah, the summer is crazy there! How was the beach today? It ended up being a nice day weather wise!

  4. yeah we didnt end up going to the beach, but we just hung out and ate at west hartford center. it was good.

  5. West Hartford Center is one of my favorite places! Blueback square is awesome too! Where’d you eat?

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