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    acts 15

    I have a killer stomache. I just saw Stepbrothers. It was rated R and I had no idea, but it was funny nonetheless. God is working in my life in crazy ways right now. Just ask me. First of all, I have no money, literally, but it’s okay because there’s more room for God to get creative. Also, I learned a lot of new things tonight. Mostly how a bad situation can turn into something really good after all. However, I still feel like things are going to even more awesome than they are now.

    My verse: Acts 15:8. God, who knows the heart, showed that he accepted them by giving the Holy Spirit to them, just as he did to us.

    My reflection: Everyone was freaking out about the Gentiles accepting Christ. Peter was trying to tell everyone to be accepting of the Gentiles because God loves them just the same. It easy today for us Christians to find any reason not to like any person. I know I have been guilty of that at some point, and it is important for me to remember to view others as God sees them.

    My prayer: Lord I strive to be like you and I thank you for such a wonderful chapter. Help me to be more accepting of others and show me how to see past people’s “imperfections” and just love them like you would.


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    1. Great post, another area I need to work on too! I loved your prayer!
      So, how are things going? I wanna hear all about it!

    2. yeah i am getting super into acts and it’s awesome. well i dont know, i usually wind up being super low in money at this time of the year because i have car tax and car insurance to pay and other bills, so all my money was wiped out. i probably should have prepared better so that i would have more money, but i guess i thought it would be safe. so i guess it is okay because i can’t buy everything i want right now and i have to make better choices, so that has been good. i’ve also have to deal with trusting others and forgiving when i’ve been really hurt. plus, i guess i need a reality check sometimes and when someone really close to me told me a bunch of stuff that might be hard to handle, i was able to just accept it and take it to heart and not get angry. i know they were just saying it because they love me! i guess i am really proud of myself that i let someone was say things to me and not get mad, especially if i wanted to be prideful or stubborn or whatever. to me it’s like i guess things were pretty quiet in my life lately and i was just going with it, and now i see God is stirring things up and it feels awesome!

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