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weird dreams

Everyone seems to post their weird dreams they have lately. Well I woke up this morning and I had a crazy dream. I was going to graduate from college, but a lot of people from my high school graduation were there. The ceremony was outside and it was starting to get cloudy when they were calling people’s names to get their degrees. It was coming to my turn soon and then I realized someone had put up a sign for Ally and all these people were there crying who I don’t think even knew her. So I ran over there and I started crying and it started raining. The rain knocked off my black graduation hat too. Then I went back to my seat and I realized they already called my name and everyone in my section was gone because of the rain! I missed going on stage to get my degree so I ran inside the building that was like a maze and my boss was there because in real life he runs the graduations at my school. I kept trying to tell him how I missed my name and he told me to just go inside and I sat inside the library at school and cried.


2 Responses

  1. wow sounds like a sad dream, I hate those

  2. i know it was so crazy

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