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    I am sitting in this super elite waiting room in the Detroit airport called the Crown Room. My dad is a platinum Amex card holder so we get super special treatment and it’s really nice in here. I am sitting with my dad, my new stepmom, and my two brothers. Our flight was delayed, but we just got word that it’s not gonna be as late as we previously thought. I wish our flight was earlier. I didn’t have too good of a time out here for various reasons. I can’t wait to be home with people who love me and make me feel loved and special. I miss my mom and my cats. I miss my boyfriend and my best friend. I miss sleeping in my own bed. I missed seeing everyone on Sunday morning. I could cry because I just want to go home so bad. Oh, and I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I hate traveling and being away from home.



    3 Responses

    1. lol sounds like you had fun. 🙂

    2. LOLOL i really didnt but its whateverssssssss

    3. I’ve been to that airport!

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