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    summer course

    I need a 90 or better on my final if I want to get a decent grade in this class. That means only one wrong on the final. I just finished my last quiz before the final and I was sure I got the 5 questions right. Nope, not a chance. I am very upset with myself because I don’t feel smart at all. I hate statistics. The midterm was killer. I ran out of time and freaked out. So my final is next Thursday. Please pray that I pass this class with a C- or better, or else that was another $1400 down the drain and I have to take it again.

    The Marines recruiters are coming for dinner tonight so my family can ask them questions. For those who don’t know, my brother Britton (Button) is going to boot camp for the Marines on September 21. I was really upset because I thought he would grow out of it and I don’t want him to go. Then, with the comfort of God, I started to accept it. My brother worked really hard, despite obstacles in school, to graduate and ready himself to go. Instead of being upset about it, I am really proud of him and I can’t wait until he graduates from boot camp in January so I can say my brother is a Marine.

    I am going to Michigan on Friday morning for my dad’s wedding. It will be good to get out of here for a few days. Anything to get away from everything going on here. At least now I can actually talk about what happened to Ally without crying. Well I am looking forward to going to Michigan and meeting my new stepmom’s family. It should be a good time.


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    1. That’s awesome that you can see the way God worked on your heart about your brother. I will be praying for you for your test!

    2. I can feel your pain in the test situation, been there lol.

    3. we will miss you when you are away. Have fun ! We will be praying for your brother too.

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