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    stolen car, church, tithe!

    This weekend turned out to be pretty good, despite Brendan’s car getting stolen. After church yesterday we got a text from his dad saying his car was found, but it was stripped of its parts and all our stuff is gone! I wondered why God let that happened and I was trying to figure out what His plan is in all of this. Brendan was like really calm about it and it was super encouraging because I know if I was in that situation, I would have felt really hopeless and I would have definitely cried. Well I think he will be getting insurance money and that is money that he REALLY needs. So maybe thats the blessing in all of this? I know he will be out of a car for awhile but if the money stuff works out, then I believe God has provided for him to pay a bunch of things he has to so he can live a little more free!

    Well so Cinema Church was so awesome on Sunday. I just pray that all of our hearts will be totally and 100% into this. I want to feel like super on fire for this and I can’t wait to dive into it. I remember months ago when we started meeting. I could see the end results and I could see us changing Connecticut, but I didn’t think of how hard it will be in between that. I am in no way saying I am discouraged. If anything I am super pumped to see how God is going to let me serve Him and I know He will provide for me. I think I am really friendly and I am used to stepping out of my comfort zone to talk to people and help them out (all of my jobs I have had to direct customers and be super happy while I did it) so I would love to be a part of greeting and making people feel welcomed.

    I guess I want to share this with everyone. I put in my monthly tithe for the first time to Cinema Church yesterday and today I got an e-mail from school saying I got $1000 deposited into my checking account! For some reason I have a refund from CCSU, which usually doesn’t happen until a little into the semester! I wasn’t sure if I was going to even get any money back, and if anything I would have to wait a long time. It’s not even like I was expecting something like this, but I know that God’s hand is all over this!


    6 Responses

    1. wow! total God thing, don’t ya love it!

    2. that is really awesome…thanks for sharing!
      Are you going to the Fusion Seminar in June? Would be awesome for making people feel welcomed at Cinema Church.
      I am so glad you are 100% on board!!!!

    3. im gonna be in michigan when its happening so i cant go!

    4. O yeah that’s right you told me that. Sorry, I forgot for a minute.

    5. great story! God provides for us in ways we could never imagine.

    6. Your posts always have positivity written all over them and I love it. I know if you were greeting me in church, it would make me feel welcomed and at home. You really just stole my words about Sunday, too!

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