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    “difficult” people

    Last week in Beloved Disciple, there was a day about God’s love through us. One thing that stood out to me was loving people who we find difficult. (Not difficult people because they may not be difficult to other people!) There are two distinct people that came to my mind. One person is so difficult to me because I can’t control their actions and it doesn’t seem to matter to them anyway. We can’t just pretend to like someone and it has to be sincere! The other is a good friend that doesn’t treat me with any respect at all, but I put up with them because I don’t want to give up. Well I am at the point of giving up now! So I prayed for both situations, which was kind of hard to do. The only way I know how to handle this is by seeking God and turning to Him for strength. I am just grateful that He has given me people who are there for me and seem to support me when it’s just been really hard for me!


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