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The worst semester of my life has finally ended. My summer courses start on the 27th, but that’s okay. I really need the credits if I want to graduate on time. Summer is here and I just hope it’s amazing. Meeting Brendan and everyone totally made last summer one of the best there ever was. I spent the first month of last summer with like the only two friends that I had, and it got kind of lonely. Then God just threw so many crazy things at me and last summer turned out to be awesome. I have a lot of expectations that this summer is going to be so incredible as well.

It’s funny to think that last year I would have never thought this is who I would be. I know that I have grown so much since then and I feel happy with who I am. (How many people these days can actually say that!?) I feel totally blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend who constantly challenges me to be a better person and who is such a great influence on me. I have amazing friends who make me laugh and laugh at my jokes. I just can’t believe LP will be ending so soon. I know I wasn’t there as long as everyone else, but it had such a tremendous impact on me. Some of my friends who know LP is ending say “Well at least you can get your Friday nights back” but when I go on to explain the church plant, I just laugh because I know that is going to be even more crazier (in a good way). I just feel good about where I am at and where God is guiding me to go!


4 Responses

  1. Your blogs always put me in such a good mood!

  2. LOL good i am glad!!

  3. That’s awesome how excited you are about the future! The plant will be an amazing ride, to say the LEAST!! I’m psyched that LP had such a great impact on your life…we are sure glad we have gotten to know you. You’re a great person with so much to offer other people! I’m sure glad to have you on the journey with all of us!

  4. aw thanks i am so glad i am a part of everything!!!!!!

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