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    I have just been pretty frustrated for the past few days. I wish I had someone to talk to but I don’t. I know I have friends but this is different because all I want is someone to listen to me, not try to give me advice or relate to me. I feel like I am drowning in worry and the more I am alone, the worse it gets. I hate when I feel this way because I know that things are going to work out. When has my God ever left me stranded? Never! So I just want to be super positive all the time because I know that’s how I should live my life.

    Plus, so many awesome things have been going on.  I don’t want to be distracted by stupid things, when God is working so much in my life! My family finally has some sort of back up plan when it comes to moving in a few months. Work has been going smoothly lately, which makes it a lot less stressful. I got to spend time with my mom in Northampton this weekend and that was nice. Plus today I have dedicated to doing my homework so I don’t feel too far behind in school at all!


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    1. It is in those times when things are going well, and God is doing some amazing things in our lives that the enemy will poke at us and make us feel scared, worried or alone. I will pray for you. Good verse is Phil 4:6-7 about worry. I know you don’t know me very well but I am a really good listener. Sometimes as leaders we also need someone to come along side us and lift us and listen to us. xo

    2. aw thank you!!!

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