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    This past Easter weekend, I felt my eyes being opened wide to the things around me. On Saturday we all went to a service at Ray’s church, Faith Living Church, and it was super awesome. It was in a really nice elementary school in Southington and they had a nice sound system, a huge screen, an awesome worship band, and everything ran really smoothly. During the two songs of worship in the beginning of the service, two girls came out and painted on these two huge boards on either side of the screen. After they painted, they ripped off some letters to reveal LIFE THE SEQUEL, which is the name of the series. So the pastor came out and spoke about how Jesus’ death became the sequel to our lives. He didn’t give the same Easter message we have heard our whole lives. In between his message they showed some really moving video clips that seriously left my jaw hanging open. Then they closed with 2 worship songs and a bold drama that sent shivers all over me!

    It was awesome to experience that and it made me inspired. One of the videos just hit me so hard that Jesus gave me life through his death, but there are millions of people who don’t even care or know that He did that for them too! I can’t picture myself anything but a disciple of Christ. I like who He’s helped me to be and I am proud of the person I am! It made me want to cry because I love Him so much and I just want to serve Him and I do want to change eternity! I have always wanted to be a vessel that the Lord can use to bring others to Him, and I am so certain I am supposed to be doing it in a community with the people I love by my side. It’s never been that I am scared for God to use me or anything. I feel like I have always been willing and throughout the years I can see where He lead me to do His will!


    i’m all about the people i love :o)


    2 Responses

    1. wow!
      great blog… u inspired me.
      I want to check out that church, and I love the picture.

    2. haha aw yeah thanks! it was awesome!

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