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    good news!

    I’m at work ready to go home in about a half hour. I just got off the phone with my mom. She has a job interview on Monday where she will get paid more and work less! So if she gets paid more, she still wants to sell the house, but that means we can probably afford something a little better! God is so good! My mom was so happy on the phone and it was awesome to hear her praising God for everything! If she only knew how hard I was praying for this! So things are looking up on the house hunt and God works on his time, so it is worth it! I hope that things go well! Plus, I had an awesome day at work so far and my boss even seemed a lot nicer to me. He wants me to work in another department and when it comes to raise time, I will definitely be getting one! So there’s another answered prayer! :o)


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    1. That’s so awesome! You should really share with your mom how much you prayed. That is something that’s really been an incredible witness to my mom, because of a lot of bad stuff that’s happened in my family lately. The more you lift up God for the work He has done, the more of Him she will see! I am so happy for you!

    2. aw yay! yeah my mom is so freakin cute when it comes to that stuff that it like makes tears come out of my eyes!

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