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“Be still, and know that I am God.” Pslam 46:10

This is one piece of the Bible that is great to focus on. Every morning that I get up and clear my brain and just spend time alone with God, I can feel all my insecurities and worries melting away. When I quiet my mind and my heart and just calm down, even for even a few brief moments, I realize that God is sitting there with me! We weren’t meant to handle this stuff alone! So when I just take a step back and realize that the Lord is God, I know that he has my back in every situation. In this verse, it is like God is telling me to calm down and that everything will be okay. I mean, this is GOD! He can do amazing things that I can’t even comprehend and I hate that sometimes I need to be reminded of that!

I knew what it was like a long time ago when God helped me through times of stress and worry. I never thought I would let myself get back into that feeling. I already feel a change in myself because I don’t find myself stressing out as much as I was even a couple of weeks ago! Plus, I can see the improvements in my relationships with the people around me. It just takes a lot of prayer and patience and trust to give all my worries to the Lord. I am just so grateful that I have him because I can tell him everything and I feel a million times better when I can just start my day off with Him. I know where my focus will be for the rest of the day when I do that.


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  1. That is one of my favorite sayings from the bible. Good luck with your house hunt.

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