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    my life is crazy

    So I am at work and I was really tired last night, so I shut off American Idol and fell asleep really early. It felt good to some sleep and it felt good that I haven’t been to work since last Wednesday. My birthday was overall amazing and it was fun to spend it with the best people in the world! I also decided to live on campus again for next year because it is just easier than commuting. Plus, I work on campus so I would pretty much be all set. I just hope I make friends this time around, and I am sure I will because I don’t work as much! So I am pretty excited about that.

    Another thing I am pumped about is all the girl friends I have! For serious, it has been a long time since I was able to have a real friend that was a girl. Like after I met Angela I was super happy to have someone to be silly with you know because for awhile my three best friends were guys, and it was fun, but there are some things you just can’t talk about with them. I love like just being able to sit around with Angela Stacey and Danielle and talk about boys or other girly things. It was something I definitely missed and I don’t think they know how much it means to me because it was something I didn’t have for a very long time! God definitely always comes through. I prayed a lot for a long time to make new friends and I had to wait and spend a lot of time alone, but it was worth it in the end.


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    1. That is so special isn’t it. I remember when I first moved to VA i felt the same way. Then it happened to me again when we moved back to CT in 2004. I thank God repeatedly for sending Joann to CT. It’s awesome to have someone to just be silly with and not worry about anything. Girlfriends are pretty great about accepting you just the way you are, yet they aren’t afraid to help you spiritually also. Our God is just so awesome isnt’t He! His timing is always the best! I’m happy for you Randi!

    2. aww thanks!!!!!!!!

    3. Sisters in Christ are precious… they are the most true friend you will have, the most transparent and will be there for you unconditionally. Praise God for good girly girl friends. They are much more fun than boys anyhow. đŸ™‚

    4. well said!

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