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    John 20

    Today I was able to sleep in and lounge around the house all day. I don’t have to work until Wednesday and it’s just been great to relax (though I have a huge pile of homework that I’ve been avoiding.) Anyways, in John 20 Jesus comes back from the dead and shows himself to his disciples.

    My verse: John 20:27. “Stop doubting and believe.”

    My reflection: Those few words spoken by Jesus are the words that hit me the most! Here Jesus comes back in the flesh in front of his beloved disciples, and they still don’t get it. I can apply this to my life because I know that God holds the universe in His hands and there is no reason for me to doubt Him or not trust Him!

    My prayer: Father I pray that I can let go of anything that gets in my way of truly worshiping you. I realize that I need a lot of help with worrying and stress, and I know when I give my life over to you, everything works out! Help me to be FEARLESS and just let you take control and show me how to stop doubting! Thank you Father!!


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    1. Really good Randi. I like the reflection, really applicable I think to alot of us! I needed to read it, thanks.

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