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    John 18

    Today is my birthday! It didn’t really feel like it before, but once I saw some of my friends at school, it did! Now I am just waiting for Brendan to come here. He is the most amazing person I have ever met and I am so glad he is my valentine. So anyways, today I read John 18.

    My verse: John 18:27. Again Peter denied it, and at that moment a rooster began to crow.

    My reflection: While reading this chapter, I got this feeling that Jesus was completely calm, even though he knew what kind of death he was going to face. Then of course there is Peter, one of Jesus’ favorite people, who ends up denying the Lord three times! It doesn’t even matter what we do, Jesus still loves us, and we can always count on his mercy, especially in times when we have denied Jesus by sinning or ignoring him.

    My prayer: Lord, I just thank you for your constant mercy and the patience you have with me. When I mess up, you are always there to forgive me and take care of me. Help me to be more forgiving to people in my life, just as you are. I thank you that you gave up your life me and I just pray I can be more and more like you every single day!


    2 Responses

    1. happy birthday!!!

    2. I love what you came up with today! Awesome! LOVE IT! I love how is love for us never fades, never lessens, we are His treasure no matter what! That is so inconceivable to us so much of the time!

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