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    John 6

    Everything in my life is so amazing thanks to God! Yesterday we had a girls’ Bible study at Rachel’s and I was looking forward to it all week. I am so excited to start getting into the study and learn more about John! Then we had LP and it was seriously so amazing and it was a great way to end my hectic week. Well John 6 is such an amazing book.

    My verse: John 6:68-69. Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”

    My reflection: This chapter starts off with Jesus providing food to feed 5,000 people. That just shows to the world that anything and everything is possible with God!! Then it goes on to Jesus explaining how He is the bread of life and he is the key to eternal life! At this time, many followers left him because the truth was too hard for them to understand. I can relate this to the present times because there are so many people who don’t know God and can’t accept Him because they can’t understand the many mysteries of faith. This verse just shows the love I have for my savior because I believe in Him without a doubt and I know that he is the only way to eternal life!

    My prayer: Heavenly Father, I just pray that all of us can have the courage to be FEARLESS! and follow you! There are so many things that we can’t even begin to understand about you, but I do know that you have this huge amount of love that you want to give to all of us! I pray that we can always follow you, and that we can never doubt you! Let us give our lives to you completely without holding anything back! Thank you Lord for your salvation and for giving us life in you!!



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    1. I am so happy for you girls to be in an intimate study, you will see much fruit from it. Beth Moore is awesome, when we go see her again you must come!

    2. very cool custom header……..

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